Finally some exciting new pics from RIM! The new BB Storm descendent is here and its got specs that make the current gen BBs sad and disheveled. More importantly, it has specs that are just matching phones from HTC amongst others….from last year, 2010. As lame as it is that BB doesn’t have anything that seems on par with current year offerings from Android or iOS, its still nice to see RIM put something that isnt the same POS 624 mhz processor that has been on three generations of the Bold. And amongst that, specs that at least allow BB to use games that are better than the pixelated POS that I have been playing on the 9700. I know, function over fun right? But at the same time, why can I not have both? It would be great to have both and not have to pull two devices with me all the time. At any rate, its looking good for RIM. Just wish this was what they offered last year.

Oh well! That means more anticipation for the BB Bold Touch for me! With rumors of a stainless steel casing, I am very excited of a BB that doesn’t feel like a Kinder Surprise toy and actually meets the moniker of a flagship phone.

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