>Running and Free BB apps


I cannot wait until I can get outside and use the Adidas micoach for a good solid run. I hate running with a passion when its confined to a treadmill (even with a good show on the tv in the gym) or in the cramped stairs at W’s condo. Overall I would much rather be enjoying a warm sunny morning or a cool evening run at the river valley (which by default sounds aesthetically way better). I love the coaching the micoach adds to the run combined with having it on the Blackberry and my music all together in a nice smooth package. BB OS 6 seems to add nicely to micoach’s operation. And to top it off, micoach is free!

I’m a little choked seeing how OS 6.1 might not make it to the BB 9700, but seeing as how OS 6 is running pretty great on it already, I guess its not so bad. I can’t wait to get the BB Bold Touch with some seriously upgraded processor and display resolution upgrades. I’m thinking of skipping the BB Torch all together, especially given the reversion back to the first Bold’s form factor (and marvelous keyboard!).

Off to finish the eighth report and then run in the cramped stairwell.

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