>Breakfast and air


Had breakfast with W at McDonald’s today! Was super yummy and I do enjoy the breakfast burrito, especially at 1.39! Yeah! Of course the sausage McMuffin is always a fave too and W always grabs the Big Breakfast. I really like McDonald’s hehe. And their coffee….it makes my day so wonderful. Listen to me gush haha. 
Apple added some new updates to the Macbook Air today, with a significant change to the line for the first time- they have managed to make it smaller, add another USB port that doesn’t require a pop out latch, and have made a smaller 11.6 inch version (picture courtesy of Engadget). I love it. I also don’t really understand the flash based storage on it (in comparison to a solid state drive), but it is supposed to be much faster than other drive options. I am super tempted to grab one, but I love my Macbook Pro a lot, and I can’t really sacrifice battery life (10 hrs on mine, vs 5 and 7 hrs on the Airs) for a smaller portfolio. What a really nice addition to the Apple family though! I like it a lot. I have to admit I am tempted to go with an Air one day. 

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