>Windows 7 phone


Wow forget all that hype over the Blackberry Torch (and the resulting disappointment)- Windows Phone 7 looks like its going to hit the market hard and with a blast! Great specs all around, with my two favorite sets, the HTC 7 Pro and the Dell Lightning sporting full on WVGA (800 pixel wide ❤ screens!) and hard keypads….OMG. So nice. That coupled with Zune integration (think- a great media player interface on top of a phone- truly a great competitor to the iPhone) makes this an all around win. I really am psyched about this. Fortunately, I also really still like my 9700 BB so that’s ok, I can wait. I am also waiting primarily for the BB Playbook first so whatevs. The HTC 7 Pro doesn’t look anything too remarkable (am more for the specs), but the Dell Lightning JUST LOOKS AWESOME! Love the portrait slider!

Went with the fam today to my fave cafe downtown, and hit up some curry beef brisket with cold HK style coffee. SOOOO good. That and my mum didn’t want to eat her fried fish and eggs, so extra meat for me! I also really liked the HK style French toast, also very good.

Also in other news, my prof just emailed me and told me that he has an ongoing project on teenage deviance that I can join! SO EXCITING!

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