>fatty corned beef


Went to our fave diner for breakfast/lunch today and was mildy surprised, if not outright amused that the elderly waitresses that tend to either be the friendly older women or the angry senile biotches were completely replaced with the short skirt, high heeled “hottie” waitresses you tend to see at Earl’s or Joey’s . Well I thought it was interesting because the time we went was just with elderly couples and so I don’t think the short skirts really made any difference in their tips. Anyways, I accidentally ordered the corn beef hash instead of the regular corned beef and it was just dynamite! Their corned beef is in-house made and its sooooooo good. The flavor was full and delicious and I had a TON of peanut butter and jam for my toast. A great yummy lunch/breakfast. W’s breakfast burger was quite bland. I saw envious glances at my yummy dish from her. Hehe. (Of course I offered some of mine…just not half!) This was then followed by a kind of fun dealio training at the downtown student clinic where I will be doing a couple shifts counseling inner city youth/young adults. It looked like a fun gig for sure! And the clientele I will be working with were a friendly group to talk to, so that was really fun. 
I also really enjoy this gorgeous picture of the upcoming Canon G12. Its not that big enough of an update to the G11 that I would be super impressed with it, but I am a huge fan of the G series anyways, since its sexy remake in the G7. I really would love to shoot with this gorgeous piece of kit. I just wish they would put a faster lens on it, there’s obviously enough room in it, since smaller Powershot cameras have F2 lenses in them, and the brick sized G12 is definitely capable of holding that. I just didn’t like how they made the body plastic…ew. Meanwhile the Nikon P7000 G-series look alike (like really copying the whole style of the G series) looks actually pretty dull and I was not impressed with it when I picked it up at London Drugs the other day. Just for kicks I powered up my P5100 from yesteryear and it still feels like an awesome piece of kit, just much slower focusing than today’s compacts. Picture courtesy of DC Watch Impress. 

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