>Moar Meat.


Had a nice dinner of steamed shrimp, tofu and black bean spare ribs, accompanied with some bean sprouts and XO sauce. Am not having a good time with my current paper, which must be a review on a reading article, when in fact I have no background in reading intervention and is quite likely why I am in a class pertaining to such a subject. How can I critique something which I know little about? Ah! 
I had a delicious mooncake which was made of white lotus bean, rather than red bean which I enjoyed immensely more, likely due to the fact that the slice I took of the cake was primarily egg yolk! I love the egg yolk, it is my fave. I also love how our trip to the grocery store was filled with large purchases of meat. I. Love. Meat.  Chicken drumsticks (the cheapest cut), pork ribs, beef stewing chunks….I love it! I also love how I can drink more milk these days with smaller consequences to my rather intense lactose intolerance. I wonder if I can beat it with gradual exposure? I bought a 4L of 1% and am ready to get my drink on. 

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