Hopefully the last time I mow the lawn this year, I cut the grass right around seven last night and then in an hr it had become dark. I also managed to then watch an episode of Supernatural while eating dinner, sufficiently managed to freak myself out, and then subsequently managed to become afraid of the dark, such that traveling to J and M’s home for drinks was actually scary.

I always love the fall colors, even if they hold such an ephemeral nature. Its quite soothing and comforting to me getting lost in the vivid red, yellow and oranges of Autumn, and it certainly helps that Second Cup now has their seasonal pumpkin spiced latte back! Although I am sure it will not help combat my waistline, I look forward to coffee shop studying today.

Alas, the Sony Vaio Z that I had wanted so much more than the Macbook Pro has gone on sale, to a price that is quite competitive and sufficient enough for me to feel some regret. But I do love Mac OSX! I think the multitouch pad is worth it alone.

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