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My absolute favorite dish, ham yee guy lap chow fun. I just loooove the mixture of salty fish and fried rice, and chicken chunks are always great. It also goes well with some hot chili sauce. I am such a huge fan. S, J and I studied in our old haunts on campus, in the H Building, where we mostly were immature and did not really study, but thats ok. I completed the other section of my statistics homework, which was actually pretty easy, so not too bad. I still have chapter 8 to read, and I think I might just goto sleep. 
I had my first round of damage to my shiny Macbook Pro, a result of not buckling the strap in my bag and actually grinding a chunk off the aluminum unibody. Strangely enough I don’t really care too much, I am just soooo pleased with its performance, rather than its aesthetics. It truly is a workhorse and does everything I need it to do quite well. I also am pleased that I have AVG running antivirus scans on it right now, even though its not so probable that a Mac virus exists, I use XP on my other workhorse and I would hate for it to drop something malicious. I also hate how all the free things I get away with on PC are not available for Mac. 
I did pretty decent in stats class today, in consideration that its a class that I can barely follow. I managed to try this new thing where I just read my notes in class and then listen to the prof if I don’t get it. It is working well for the concepts that I just don’t get…but I totally zoned out the last twenty minutes. I was just too tired. This mornings run really pooped me out, I am glad I had a great big hot mug of coffee to get me through class. 

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