>advanced univariate stats


Studying the difference between the Confidence Interval and the Point Procedure for my advanced=destroy-my-life statistics course. W just made a fresh piping hot pot of homemade miso soup and there is a pile of questions dying to be answered.
The weather outside is dark dreary and depressing, and there has been no sun at all today. I still have to go workout tonight, maybe in the mini gym downstairs for a quick bicep push at nine pm, and then I will be onto those stats questions. 
I had leftovers from last night, W cooked up a really nice beef stew with some red wine, red onions and something else. Topped it off with some chili sauce and XO sauce (my now current favorite additive, much to the disapproval of W, due to saltiness and disrespect to her cooking), and had a really nice filling dinner. Now onto stats for a nice unfilling depression. 

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