I lied. I didn’t do any stats homework when I finished working out (which btw sucked, because lifting weights just doesn’t cut it for me these days, I wanted to run much much more, but I also know that I don’t want to lose too much strength from atrophy). I hung out with W and M, chatted with mum overlooking the city in this torrential cold downpour (kind of depressing actually from the balcony), digressed about how stats was going to ruin my life with them, and then remembered this really cool thing.

The Fujifilm X100 just got announced, as a gorgeous retro feel camera, with an APS-C class sized sensor, a non-interchangeable F2 Fujinon lens, and manual controls that a Sony NEX user would kill for. The F2 lens comes to an equivalent 35mm wide angle focal length, and makes for an interesting killer camera combo that I would love to have. I have definitely been contemplating a small powerful compact for everyday shooting, because the D90 just is a tad heavy for that, and I am largely uninterested in a newer DSLR body, even as powerful as the new Nikon D700 appears to be (really a magnesium body makes me cry a little). But this Fuji just looks soooooo cool. I like the tilting LCD, full metal body and interchangeable lens of the Sony NEX-5, but I hate the full menu control system….the control dials on the Fuji look amazing.

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