>more phone goodness


I spoke too soon. Courtesy of Engadget, the new HTC Desire Z is the phone I want. As much as I liked the Nokia E7’s design, I feel completely doubtful of its ability to provide the application support that Android and iOS provide. The HTC provides this, and it gets the hardware done right- 800 pixel wide screen and full qwerty board. Very excited. 
My run this morning was a bit tougher, and surprisingly warmer than yesterday, although that might be because I woke up so late and ran at 10 am instead of 6:30 am. I also distinctly remember seeing my breath come out in clouds in yesterday’s brisk morning air, so the immediate sweat I broke out today is probably not a surprise in consideration of the warmer ambient temperature. I also ate two bowls of oatmeal right before, so I am sure that didn’t help. 
I did soem of my statistics lectures yesterday and finalyl understood some of the basic critical value assignment…..and then I didnt review yesterday’s lecture. Oh well. Thats for this afternoon. 

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