Courtesy of Engadget. The Nokia E7 is here in full glory and it is fabulous. Aside from the rather disappointing screen resolution, about 300 pixels less wide than the iPhone, the Nokia E7 looks bloody fabulous and looks like it could finally be Nokia’s answer to what it use to call a flagship phone. After the rather horrifying user experiences oh the Nokia N97, I wouldn’t put it past Nokia to totally fudge the software experience on this, but I do recall Nokia feeling quite humbled by the damage it dealt to its image and the fact that it couldn’t just rely on its name on its own anymore in today’s smartphone world. I am very excited about this, after realizing how much easier a touchscreen makes web browsing. Sorry Blackberry. 
I just got back from an early morning run before my 9 am class (woohoo!) and it was bloody awesome. The fields were covered with a thick mist and it just made a really pleasant experience this morning. I now have about 35 minutes to shower, pack lunch grab some breakfast and get out to that U-Pass experience. 
Edit: After watching the E7 in a handson demo, I can safely say I LOVE this phone. I love the full stainless steel and aluminum build. I hate how cheap my 9700 feels, and always feel envious of the iPhone 4’s body. I love the sliding mechanism and the overall design. I am not a fan of the locked 16 GB memory, when there are 32 GB micro SDHC cards now available, but whatever. I am also not really certain about Symbian in itself, with the OVI store really not offering a whole lot of applications, even in comparison to Blackberry AppWorld, nevermind Apple’s App Store. I also am unsure about the software performance of the Nokia, as it has shown some ignorance to upgrading its processing speeds to rival phones like Samsung’s Hummingbird, or Apple’s A4 1 Ghz processor, nevermind the new Dual Core ARM chipsets now being made for next year’s phones (seriously, I never imagined having a phone with dual core power!). Overall I am very excited about this phone, and easily could see me using this as an alternative to my Bold 2. If there is another phone I like, it would be the Samsung Epic 4G, but that doesn’t seem to be coming over here anytime soon. 
My run totally killed me today and my afternoon class was terrible- statistics and lack of sleep equals me dying/nodding off as well as breaking out. Gah. I napped hard when I went home, so the next few hours should be fairly productive. 

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