My advanced stats prof is super cool and made an otherwise intolerable subject interesting, and one of the best Thursday blocks I have had. Its funny, I used to complain about the hour twenty blocks all the time, when now I have been subjected to three hr classes all the time, I applaud and adore these regular undergrad timelines.

I was pretty excited about the upcoming fresh year, walking through Quad and seeing all the student groups. Also really excited about going to M’s for dinner! Also really excited to see my homies there. Finally, also really excited about Google Scholar and how easy it made my article retrieval job! Woohoo!

Not excited about the free coffee at FGSR. If anything, it tastes worst than last year. I was also pretty psyched looking at old pictures from when I was running and seeing much better definition in my arms. I love running! So exciting. I went out for one at seven this morning, and it felt awesome.

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