>Clean dinner


Last night had some suey choy/vermicelli and dried shrimp soup, some steamed tofu/shrimp and oyster sauce, and a very yummy potato/chicken thigh/red onion stewish thing. The latter topped with chili sauce was totally dynamite!

Today we had night class on reading interventions, and it was really interesting. I hope my enthusiasm for school stays like this for the rest of the year. I am excited to have work to do, and structure to follow. My prof is also super cool, a really intelligent guy from Finland. I like. It was pretty funny when we were all introducing our backgrounds and everyone was talking about their clinical work with kids….and I said I applied chemical hormone analogues to moths. Yes. Entomology. I also found out one of my fellow labmates from the Evenden lab is now teaching the intro Entomology lecture this year, so I thought that was pretty cool! I am now heading home, very hungry and ready to read.

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