>Jurassic Forest


Yesterday S, G, W, M and I went to the Jurassic Forest, a theme park located 15 minutes north of the city. It was a pleasant surprise, with a large amount of robotic dinosaurs located every 15 meters or so along two long trails. The dinosaurs were motion sensor activated, and generally looked pretty neat, aside from the velociraptors waving their forearms like a bunch of stupids, and the pteranodon, that looked like a dollar store kite flapping wildly in the wind. Other than that, it was pretty neat, but was more suitable for it likely target demographic, children. the dinosaurs get a little old fast.

We went to the Pho King restaurant at Chinatown for lunch, where I have officially decided that item 1 is the bomb, and I love it. its super large, tastes delicious and has a nice side offering of extra meat for $1.50! Love it.

I cooked egg and tomato and soy sauce chicken for W and her roommate last night and then it was just exciting times to see W again.

We woke up late in the morning, had an excellent breakfast of chicken sausage, easy over eggs and hashbrowns and then I went for a solid 30 minute run. Easily making my day, I can now button my shirt on the lowest button, making it a nice addition to my fattened low self esteem. It used to be uncomfrotable to button it, so I am quite excited about this running deal. Today would mark the 1st week of running finished and I have to say, I love it.

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