>I will be commencing a new experiment- I realize that I will be unable to sustain this workout schedule much longer than a few years, simply due to the fact that I cannot possibly take as much weight lifting forever- in the meantime I am annoyed that clothes I like wearing do not fit as well as they did before, or for that matter, do not fit at all- it is not simply due to me being fatter, but also simply more bulkier, and I have grown a little un-impressed with the size of my pecs. Seeing that I am no longer interested in how large my muscle mass really is, I will be attempting a new regime of running- starting tm, I will skip my workout and begin running instead. This should prove to be interesting and useful, as I can always run, wherever I am, but am unable to lift weights where ever.

I will make an attempt to not completely miss atrophy- I will devote three days to three core exercises that I consider musts- dumbbells bench, shoulder press and bicep curl. The rest can come along on its own. I hope this comes along well. I will put my workouts on the weekend, and have the rest of the week devoted to running as it once was. I always felt much happier with my body when it was skinnier, so we will see how this goes.

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