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On Friday we had a fund-raiser for the Stollery Children’s Hospital in our care center. Meant to raise awareness of the hospital, help the kids receive some leadership skills and have fun, it turned out both really good and really bad.

We were supposed to have a car wash (only two cars came- it was a really crappy location away from main roads and it was storming), a bbq (looked like it sold well) and some activities. The activities went awesome- we had a police car the kids got to wash, three fire trucks (ladder truck included for the first time!) and it was just overall sooooo cool. And since I started the fundraiser three years ago, I have never gotten more than one fire truck to come, so major props to L for her efforts this year.

I met this one fire fighter who is dating a psychologist (woohoo!) and was an ex counter terrorist in the Canadian forces. So badass.

I get to see W in a week! I am so excited. I am off to get a haircut, clean up her place and then chill with my homie S.

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