>housewarming and coldness


Had a housewarming party at M’s new digs, and had a pretty sweet time last night. Spent most of the time lighting things on fire in his really freaking huge firepit, including undergrad notes and a large pot of moss. My highlight of the night was igniting the soil in the pot. I didn’t think that was possible.

Had a lot of good food there, except for the fact that M thought that Maggie sauce is the same as soy sauce- my soy sauce chicken ended up being Maggie sauce chicken, but I thought it still turned up ok- but secretly I know that the fatty cut in the thigh and drumstick makes a lot of the taste go a long way. I have a big feeling that this will be a staple for me when I move out.

Had a good time chilling with my homies, with M and K spending a lot of downtime by the fire into the chilly night. W called and I had some good chats with her as well. Super excited that W is coming home soon! And also super excited about V’s wedding this weekend, and see K again!

Its getting real cold in the city, and I don’t mind at all- what I do mind is that I don’t seem to care about my fat at all- I am definitely among the fattest body shapes I have ever been in awhile and its a little depressing. And yet I don’t care enough to adhere to a diet. Ah well.

The last few weeks of summer are winding down and then its school again. I am both excited and a little depressed about the incoming stress. Eep.

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