>dead mice and delicious food


This morning at work, I had the wonderful experience of scraping a dead mouse off the ground after it had been dead for quite some time, indicating that it had turned into a jam like consistency and really needed my nails to scrape it off. Right behind the fridge, beside a pile of its poop. Cool.

I then went to the mall, picked up Adam Lambert and Neil Young albums (I know, wtf combination) and was pleased to sample my discs in their stations where they open the CDs and let you prelisten before you buy. I totally forgot HMV did that. I like.

Headed off to T&T and had four items- beef stew, steamed pork, pork/veggies and fried salt and pepper squid. Yummy!

Went home and literally teared up twice- once from my ab workout because I was so out of shape and once because listening to Neil Young reminded me of eating dinner/live music covers with W in Niagara. Great memories. Totally not feeling masculine right now.

I love music so much.

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