>Had steak last night


Soooooo good. Then I woke up today and realized how behind I was on everything. I did laundry from the Toronto trip (full load!) and then entered a few files and now am double checking some info. Hopefully will be able to meet up with my supervisor this Wednesday. I cant believe school is starting so soon, but I think I need it, I am itching to get back in.

I really miss Toronto. I love that city so much, especially Markham. I also super duper like W’s family, talked to her mum today and I realized I have so much to learn from her. I miss W a lot too. Cant wait till September!

I also thought it was pretty cool, her cousin said he wants to be like me and bulk up at the gym, although I was pretty fat in Toronto. W said no quite adamantly to it, saying she doesnt want to deal with two gym idiots, one is hard enough. 🙂

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