>going home


Juat at the Pearson Airport on my way back home. Had a good lunch with W’s family for yum cha, and then headed home for a nap and chill out. Toronto was brutally warm today and I was sweating like mad. My camera bag is filled with napkins to wipe my brow. I am watching Iron Man 2 and then Clash of the Titans on the plane. I got a sweet window seat by the bathroom and with just one person beside me. I love it.

Pretty sad that I am on my way home and then after that sleeping and work. Sigh. I miss Toronto already. Had lunch at Phoenix, my all time favorite restaurant with fantastic curry beef stew and Hainan chicken, followed by cold Hong Kong style coffee. Nice seeing W’s family again and I am pretty choked to see them off. At the very least, I will be going to M’s birthday dinner this Friday! I dont want to go back so soon, seems just like yesterday that W was yelling at me for telling her the wrong terminal at Pearson to be picked up at. 😦

And omg they just said we would have ten minutes of turbulence. Damn it. This will be my first turbulence experience. Yesssss.

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