I really like the maples in Toronto, they are probably one of my favorite things here. I especially like the red Japanese maple in W’s place. The color and the shape is really wonderful to look at.

We went out for drinks last night in downtown Toronto (I have a difficult time tracking which part of the city I actually am in). We couldnt goto two places due to early close and private functions, but we ended up at a bar near R’s apartment. Had a Strongbow, my definite fave drink, and some good company outside. Toronto had a nice cool night breeze going, keeping a nice fresh take on the warmer evening temperatures. The only thing that bothered me was that the guy behind me were making a big deal that the song “Boys of the Summer” was sung by the Ataris, when in fact it was a cover, and the original was sung by Don Henley, and was composed by Tom Petty, not some 2003 one hit wonder band. Petty ddifferences aside, I had a great night. Downtown Toronto is gorgeous.

I am loving Dragonette’s latest album (last year release), Fixin to Thrill. Nice chill beats, a definite different take then their first LP, its good beats to relax to.

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