>This is niagara


This is what I looked like for the past week or so, especially in Niagara. Here I am shooting at the Horseshoe Falls, the Canadian side of the falls. Its really cool here, we visited the other side of the falls, on the American way the other night. I like the Horseshoe falls because we were right up against it, there was a nice cloud cover and it wasnt too hot, or too many people. I didnt bother bringing my tripod, there were lots of people in the same situation willing to shoot for us.

I feel pretty touristy but I bought some picture frames for the pictures I will develop in Lightroom when I get home (very excited to see what I can do with RAW picture files!).

One thing I noticed is that Ontarios highways are a lot more exciting then at home, where its prairies upon prairies. Here, I keep thinking we arent out the city because theres so much trees and settlements, that it feels like we are on some city edge settlements. More exciting than just grass…but I admit, I miss the grass.

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