>yum cha and chinese bbq


Went out with W’s mum and her brother’s gf and her family to yum cha (talk about meeting everybody in the family!). It was a pleasant surprise, as yum cha was actually quite different than at home. My favorite was this deceptive looking bolo bau, that actually had a tasty chicken mixture inside. I also really liked how W’s mum always insisted everybody stop eating as each dish was served so that I could take a picture (also super exciting, I am shooting everything RAW so that I can really edit my pictures- even so far as keeping crappy ones to see how much I can get out of them in Adobe Lightroom). I had a pretty good time, and the family was super nice to me, trying to make sure I understood everything, although changing from Cantonese to Mandarin, in hopes that anything might work (of course I didnt even know they were trying to talk to me).

We went to a whole sale unit that supplies food for restaurants and super markets to buy meats for bbq. It was pretty cool, everything was super cheap and there was lots of fresh steaks/lamb. We also went to FoodYMart, a place that is similar to TnT, and just as messy, noisy and filled with angry Chinese people. I was yelled at twice for taking pictures of their crabs, and frozen food section, even going so far as blocking my lens with a piece of cardboard. I am not sure what they were thinking, that maybe I am from a rival supermarket or the food inspection agency, but it was kind of nuts, they were yelling at me and I didnt really understand what they were saying.

We went back to W’s place and had dinner with her cousin, his gf and his parents. Super cool, we just roast our own things over the fire, and there was lots of good meat (especially the steaks). Everyone was good humored about my English only abilities and tried to accommodate me, and I guess they were used to it, because the cousin’s gf is a Canadian Born Chinese too (who went to Chinese school, so yeah not really the same).

Anyways, time to pack for Niagara!

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