>out to niagara


Had HK style breakfast at one of W’s favorite cafes. I grabbed a HK style doong gafe, ham omelet, and pork/preserved radish and vermicelli soup. Very good and very cheap! We ordered four orders, to bring another set for the road, as its about three hrs away. The total was under twenty bucks for four orders!

The OtterBox Commuter case is holding up well, but it appears one of my cell phone fob things scratched the screen protector already. I quite like its feel and solid case, it gits really well. Now off to Google Maps to look for the route to the fashion outlet. I love my phone. Soooo useful. So glad I have good protection for it. I might look for a slip on case to put the phone inside, so I will have lots of protection for one of my most useful devices (I left my DAP at home, because I have almost all my music here).

We are in the car pool lane and shooting by traffic. Tres cool.

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