>Japanese food, otterbox cases and china


I am at Pacific mall, where I am sweating up a storm and have just purchased what will hopefully be my last phone case, the Otterbox commuter case. Based on a silicone skin for bumps and scrapes, it has a thin hard plastic shell to add a little rigidity against harder knocks, and reduces the silicone surface so that it isnt too hard to slip into the pocket. So far, I love it except that it doesnt really match my white 9700. I also got it for about ten bucks cheaper than what I would have paid in Alberta. Ok, I feel like I could have done better, but I just wanted to get out of the crowd ASAP.

I went to a really cool Japanese restaurant with W for lunch, that makes its own cakes. We had the lunch combos that came with miso soup, salad, cake and a rice bowl. I had beef, which was too thick and overcooked, but W had the unagi, and it tasted much better and was actually quite yummy.

We went out to a korean street in midtown, and I ended up at Staples and a Futureshop, because thats soooo unique to Toronto! Anyways, nothing to see here, I tried to find a Golla bag that I found on clearance at another Staples. No dice, and I ended up grabbing this Otterbox case that isnt the cheapest or nicest looking, but fits well and feel substantially better on a phone that I plan to use for a long time.

We are at Go For Tea right now, a chain bubble tea restaurant with a nice atmosphere and great lighting ( I love dim lighting, and most places here are bright and uglyish, not that I am a master interior designer or anything). We are going to have hot pot in a unique paper bowl for individual hot pot. I hope its good, cause I am not the biggest fan of hot pot, but it sounded unique enough anyways.

Last night we went to a place that only sells dessert, and it was alright, with a very unique taste. I got the walnut paste and W had the ginger milk, which is really cool, being milk that is heated to the right temperature and then added to a ginger juice which solidifies everything.

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