>phoenix restaurant


Went to Phenix restaurant, really close to W’s neighborhood. W had Hainan chicken, which was deboned, super tender and very very fresh. I loved the ginger oil sauce, and the sweet chili ginger served with it. As well, the chicken broth rice served with it was very good. I had the curry ow lam, which was soooo good. The curry was perfect, I dont think I have been more pleased with a meal since now. The beef was tender and soft, and even the rice was awesome.

We went to Unionville, a street made of stores converted from really old houses. Lots of really classic architecture, not that I know a lot about architecture, and I really loved it. Theres lots of old tress and parks nearby, and the place reminds me of Banff, except in the middle of Toronto. Heading out for afternoon tea with W’s friend R, and then dinner with her mum. Its a nice day, not too hot at all. Haven’t done any research reading since the airplane flight. I love Toronto!

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