>Went to Sam’s restaurant


Went with W to a restaurant that only sells congee and ja leung, and it was super good and perhaps more importantly, super super cheap (under four bucks per person). I also thought it was really neat looking at how they put all the raw ingredients per order in the bowl and then just pour hot plain congee straight in and (i wasnt aware) that you need to stir everything to cook it. Neat.

Went to Pacific mall and it blew my mind away. I also love how Aden camera sucks. I tried to demo a 105 vr Nikkor a thousand dollar lens, and the dude wouldnt let me. McBain usually lets you, cause its a pricey lens, and I even had my own body. Not cool. I love Toronto so far, aside from Aden camera. I love the neighborhoods too. Old cozy houses and lots of maples! I love it!

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