>just under an hour left!


I was going to order a paid movie, Clash of the Titans, but the damn thing costs $6.99, and on a dinky little screen, I will skip out on that. Plus the tvs just shut off and cant be turned back on again. The dude beside me is eating everything and is super gross, putting his garbage all up in my grill. Im pretty sure hes probably a nice guy, but I am not a huge fan of his teetering tower of waste (he has setup camp in the middle seat, which has conveniently not been filled by anyone! Yes! Lots of room.
I tried to read about the Woodcock-Johnson III test, but the plane is just not working well for me for reading. Instead I am listening to ACDC and blogging, equally fun and cool. I forgot how cramped airplane bathrooms are, and it was a wonderful experience trying not to touch anything inside there. Glad I went early, there is a ginormous lineup for the washroom right now.
I went out with M for his bday last night after a dreadfully long after hours work meeting. We went to Badass Jack’s Grill, for a super awesome Wednesday special- two regular Jack’s originals for $5.99. Add some cheese and a Sobe’s Pina Colada, and I am smooth sailing. That is until I realized how full I really was. I gave M a sweet wok for his bday, to help with his cooking in his new home, and chose the not-non-stick version so he would be forced to learn how to cook without reliance on PFA emitting materials (forgot if they make them without PFAs now, but pretty sure they dont if I recall Biol 381 Pollution Biology correctly). Had to go home early to continue packing, and then thought everything was smooth sailing.
Of course it wasn’t. This morning, I realized that I wasnt as ready as I thought I was, and had a grand time freaking out trying to find my phone case (dont laugh, this is important to me). I also did a shoulder workout and had a nice breakfast with my mum and sis at a politicians breakfast party in the morning, which he was not present for. It was fun nevertheless to hang out with my family, and then it was fun trying to pack everything together. I also managed to make the security flag my baggage down at the airport this afternoon when they noticed a weird triangle shape, which turns out was was my Charcharadon megladon replica pewter metal shark tooth from Sea World (I know sounds soooo touristy). Cool.
The dude beside me is using BOSE Quiet Comfort noise canceling headphones. As much as I despise BOSE for their overpriced products, I wouldnt mind active noise cancelling right now. The passive noise cancelling on my Creative EP-630s is crap, and the engine noise is awesome. I wish I had my Shures here.
And finally I also tried to apply After Bite itch reliever on my many mosquito bites, only to be greeted by spurts of ammonia liquid shooting continuously from the pressure change. I am sure my neighbors appreciated that.
And just to add, we are now starting out final descent to Toronto, the lights have been dimmed and I am completely unaccustomed to the sun being gone at this time of night. Also there is a ten year old crawling around the ground on his hands and knees and freaking the shit out of me. He keeps surprising me every time I see his head pop out.

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