>flyiiing awayyyy


I am sitting here in a nice air conditioned WestJet waiting to depart to Toronto. I had a nice Tim Hortons turkey bacon club sandwich, tried to jam some of the coffee and soup in my backpack without spilling (already did) and have already encountered some serious fun with the washroom. I was also interested in the idea that not eating anything would avoid feeling bloated at the airplane, when in fact my stomach churning nothing but air has seemed to make me feel quite bloated. Yessss. Hence Tim Hortons. I have already sweated a ton, have afterbite ready in order to combat the multitudes of bites I have all over my body from the mosquito party that is erupting all over the city, and have no water on me for transportation safety, but do have a double double stashed away.

I am excited. I hope the dude in the middle doesnt show up, I am sitting aisle and there is soooo much space. I like. I have my Intellectual Assessment text ready to read and create a thesis question. Three and a half hours till Toronto!

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