>coffee with my homie


Went out for coffee with JB and had a giant burrito at Mucho Burrito (filled with Tabasco sauce that pooled at the bottom and made it super terrible and unnice to my insides). Had a venti slim vanilla latte with latte milk, a 99 percent lactose free milk (since soy was out) and had a nice catch up over hot drinks (quite cold out today). A nice night.

Work was nuts. My lock wouldnt open and while panicking and trying to get it out while all my kids were leaving, one of the kindergarten kids was screaming/crying about his wet pants, while sitting in the middle of the wet locker floor getting more clothing articles wet. Eventually the lifeguard came down and chopped my lock off. Normally I would have been persistent and tried to keep re-entering my combination (big fan of its 43-00-13 combo), but I was soooo mad at the damn thing and the situation that I just told him to free me from this terrible terrible situation.

Anyways, I am on my way home and I smell like burrito grease. Gross.

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