>Breakfast of champions


I woke up early this morning, talked to W for a bit, and made lunch (a ginormous amount of turkey and ham in between brown bread, some oranges, apples and bananas and oatmeal I didnt finish) and made tea, oatmeal (my fave brown sugar and maple), peanut butter brown toast and a mug of milk. I did some deadlifts, shrugs and tricep rows, swallowed some protein and calcium and booked it to my bus. Overall a solid morning.

I just realized that my Samsung MP3 player didnt load my iTunes purchase, because Windows Media Player doesnt support AAC format, the standard that iTunes uses. Annoying! I will have to figure how to get Eminems album onto its playlists, because I am a heavy playlist user and do not want to use drag and drop. This annoyance might spell the end of my iTunes foraging (super cheap full albums from the All American Rejects and Garbage on there!).

Or like when the 32 GB micro SDHC card becomes available and is actually affordable (probably next year), I will just nab that and put it on my Blackberry. I have decided that its much more manageable to use my phone instead of upgrading DAPs everytime I run out of space. Or I could fix the headphone jack on my iPod Classic 80 GB, but I am lazy. That could be a cool end of summer project, the parts are only 12 bucks.
I made it to the university, grabbed an August bus pass, went to W’s condo, grabbed some of her things to bring to Toronto, as well as my trusty Sigg bottle, and am now heading to work. I have an interesting email from work. It works out for the better because now I dont have to rush to the airport, but….

I am really excited about my data. Another three hours of straight work (when does that happen?) and I should be alright to go! I need to print articles about the material I am looking at so I can understand all these numbers and then it will be all good. I really hope I can get a question and abstract by the end of August.
We are going to swim with the kids today, so a fun field trip, followed by getting off work early and heading to downtown with JB and hitting the scene. A good day I think.
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