I have bought my first iTunes purchase- Eminem’s Recovery, which I am absolutely loving- its very fitting for my Destroy workout playlist! I haven’t latched on an album this quickly before. Anyways, it was a rather painless process and after doing my purchase, I perused the iTunes library and was pleased to find many albums cheaper than my primary source, HMV. However, after downloading, I realized a small snag- everything is in 256 kps. I normally rip in 320 kps MP3. I do remember that AAC is a more efficient codec, and honestly with no MP3s to compare to, it sounds quite fine on my Shures and Logitech’s. Anyways, so far everything looks good, but I wouldn’t mind having the physical copy. I think I will only use iTunes for really cheap albums and ones that I am not super psyched about.

I was watching my washing machine as I ran a rather large load through and I thought it quite interesting looking at how the machine’s center screw grabs each layer of clothes and pulls it up and around, cycling though the whole load. Yes, I think there are other things I could have been doing instead of washing my clothes being washed, but whatever.

Its a really hot day today, with storm warnings and 31 degree (feels like) temperatures. I am sweating everywhere, I sliced my throat with my razor (of course the most disgusting cut possible for me), and I have the fan going on full time behind my head while I enter data. I am now done my electronic files and now must go through the ginormous file pile beside me. I will not be sipping hot tea tonight- more like my Nalgene……gah.

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