>pizza, good friends and belly


I had a nice chill time with M yesterday after work, venting about issues at the job and generally being very angry. I also had a minor scare about my interac card as it has been flagged before and it just was not cool to repeat the process again, but everything was ok. I purchased my DSLR case after much deliberation and will write about it soon. I LOVE IT.

We had a half Meateor half Bacon Double Cheeseburger large pizza and nachos- needless to say, I made cheat Friday happen, and it happened well. I love cheese.

We also managed to get a poor waitress in trouble, because we stayed there talking- apparently it is policy for them to stay even when its an hour after their shift ended before they can give the bill(ok well I know its rude to give the bill before asking, so thats our fault), but that they must stay until the customer leaves (which means she shouldnt have left until we left). She had asked if everything was ok, and we were cool with her leaving, so we told her to go. But later we decided to grab a takeout box….and the manager came over and apologized because until we actually leave, we are still her responsibility. He was kind of crazy about it, and I have a feeling shes going to be in some big trouble. Even with us trying to put her in a good light. Eep.

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