>tired feet


I am now on my way home after a fun day at the pool. Today’s pool had waves which makes it that much funner. The pool was super fun after the parade, which to be honest was too hot and long to be any fun. And I never found any of it really interesting aside from hoping that the West Jet or Air Canada floats would be throwing out coupons, which of course they didnt. I didnt like the parade at all. I dont know why I thought it was so awesome when I was a kid. Even our kids thought it was boring. But to make up for it, two of my kids did not have swimming clothes, so I only had two kids to watch over. It was nice.

I am really tired, and really its probably the long boring parade in the hot hot sun that did it in for me. If not for the second RockStar, I probably would be sleeping on the bus right now. I have a workout waiting for me when I get home, followed by data entry. I also have extra hours to enter tm, as somebody needed to leave early. With what I am making now, the extra hrs will cover my dslr case nicely, so the extra hrs will be appreciated. I was asked if we could do an after hrs meeting next Thursday and I excitedly (but politely) declined because I will be on a plane! Super super psyched.

My feet are really tired and need to relax. I had a nice few minutes in the hot tub, until one of my kids suddenly needed to goto the bathroom (and didnt make it). I am breaking in these el cheapo sandals, where the plastic is just ripping up my foot. I want to save my nice sandals for going out (they fit real great and look awesome, but have suede and white fabric, not good for child care). Anyways I am off to home.

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