Went out with the kids swimming today at this pool where the ratio was 3 under 8 kids per adult. Turns out it was ok, because we had a nice sectioned off area for the under 8 kids and I didn’t have to really worry about them running away from me in the pool. The swimming could have been funner, we will be going to Millenium place soon, and I love that pool. I am a big fan of the wave pool, but I hope I don’t get under eights again this time. I want to have fun too!

I had a nice hot muggy day and I have a nice ripped off sleeve tan on my body, which will be really nice when I goto to Toronto and swim, and my arms look like they do not belong to me. My dad also managed to beat me to the lawn and mowed in an hour before I intended to and now I just feel lazy. I also did my 75lb shoulder press this morning, and I am debating whether I will workout tm before work, when work starts at 8:30am….I do love not having to workout after I am done my shift and just relax for the night.

I have done 42 files so far and am retiring my data entry for the night. I will be trying to get in all of the files tm, and I should be able to, there are 65 files, and if I can get the electronic data summary sheets in, then there won’t be much left to enter from the actual files (there is just maybe thirty percent more data in the actual files). Exciting times. I will need to concentrate this weekend on entering these files in on Saturday, so that Sunday I can do literature review and bring some articles for reading in Toronto. I am so excited! I will be seeing W in just a week’s time now! Anyways, going to sleep now.

Also, my father made me steamed preserved veggie/pork and it was super yummy. I love it when the sauce is all over freshly steamed rice, even if the sauce has lots of fat in it, it is so good.

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