>tired, hungry and in need of shower


I cant quite put a finger on just what or who made my day super long, or if I am just being a sensitive jerk and heightened my annoyance to the point where it isnt really anybody being an idiot but I just think they are, because my schema I have created of them makes me only notice the behavior that annoys me, and exclude anything beneficial or good that they are providing. I just know that I need to go home and chill and shower. Toronto cant come soon enough.

We went to the Valley Zoo today with the kids, and it turned out ok. I went with my good buddies as a group team and it was great with nice collaborative supervision. We saw what little the Valley Zoo had to offer (honestly I think this is the fourth time in five or six years, and once every ten years is probably good enough for anyone, because its the same over and over). We got to see Lucy the elephant walk out her enclosure, and honestly everybody including Lucy and her trainers looked tired and sick of their life. I remember activists saying something about retiring her, but the Valley Zoo saying she was fine. I am not elephant expert, but she certainly didnt look happy.

I brought my fried rice and some potato/chicken/mushroom stir fry my mother made, which was great, until a moth flew in my food. I never thought flying species could be clumsy. Sure, some species are more adept at flying like dragonflies, but outright clumsy? This moth literally tripped midair and peaced it on my rice. Fanks.

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