>back at 75lbs


I decided that my shoulder was feeling really great since the last workout and went to 75 lbs for the single arm military press@ 6 reps, 6 sets with 10 reps in the last one. I like throwing in 10 jack knives and 6 lateral or front raises each set. So far my shoulders feel great and I am just going to leave it at that. We will see how I fare with the 225 lb barbell and 100 lb dumbbell workout in August, as I have no intention of going to the gym until then. For now, my work schedule works best with home workouts.

I smashed my head pretty good when moving Matts crap, and I can feel a solid bruise in my scalp. Other than that, the days been great, with a nice brisk rate at data entry (albeit not quite all day concentration). I also discovered Crumpler bags, in addition to the Lowepro and Golla DSLR bags I have been thinking of nabbing before my Toronto trip. Furthermore, Ive been thinking of whether to bring a comp to TO to do some lit review. Maybe I will just print a large mass before I go, as I dont want to get too tied with work there, and have to carry too much on the plane.

I ate two disgusting things today, moldy chestnuts which I didnt realize until I actually looked into the bag and saw white fuzz everywhere, and a banana that had a layer of crunchy brown tissue under its surface. Presumably it was a type of fungus, as I have never seen such tissue before except in things like apple blot (the brown stuff that grows on apples thats hard and brown). I dont normally choke on gross things, but I sure as hell did twice today. So far, no casualties of war aside from psychological trauma. Gross.

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