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So today was a super blast, right from the get go. Woke up at eight am and had some tea, a chocolate chip Tim Hortons muffin (from yesterday, my fave muffin), and did a little core and back workout. M picked me up and we headed over to his parents home where I met his old friend, K. K and I got along really well and had a blast kicking it together and picking on M.

There wasnt a lot to move, as M was just moving his room out and a few odds and ends, but we had serious difficulty with his fooseball table. Getting it out his house was a pain in itself and we thought we were really good. Needless to say, we were not. M’s walls now need lots of touch ups as well as some serious putty fill in action. Judging by how much dust is on the damned thing, I dont know if it was even worth the stress for M. To put it lightly, there was a moment where is was so embedded in the walls, that nobody was holding it and it wasnt falling. Keep in mind it took three guys to pick it up.

We met up with ML, and had lunch at WokBox/Cobs Bread. Really great lunch and M’s mom made spring rolls too, so lots of energy to go. I grabbed an AMP energy drink and it didnt do anything. I like ROCKSTAR much more.

Im such a huge fan of M’s house! Its really cozy and feels like a home. Im super jealous of his office space, as the blue and maroon color just looks great, as does his basement, which is just so chill.

We also had a great time with the UHaul, pulling up to random garage sales and leaving with like one dollar items. I bought a stool for my photo printer to keep it off my heating vent for a buck! Most people were wondering what we were doing and if we were going to take all their crap with the UHaul. We also hit up MM’s old home, where we took all her throw outs (including like new IKEA desks and tables, which we managed to break) and filled M’s house right up. As well, The Brick dropped by and he had a lot of cheap floor model furniture fill his place (and I must say he has great taste in his furniture). I love it! Had a great time today. Tm will be a busy data entry day. Lots of sitting, numeric pad using, and chilling with my Shures.
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