>effinf moving sucks


Helped M move out of her place into W’s condo this morning/afternoon. It took a lot longer to do everything and I worked up a sweat for sure. Especially annoying was this sofa and getting it around the tight staircase which wonderfully had lots of mirrors, windows and other fragile things.

I didnt get out as quickly as I thought I would, and have lots of data to enter. Im going to just finish the files I have on hand and then process the electronic files so I dont have to shuttle to the clinic tm. I just want to wake up early and crunch through the data.

Super pumped about Toronto! Will be working hard now so that I can enjoy my time there and also have a nice contrast between stressing out and chilling out.

Im really noticing my strength coming back in spades. In particular, my bicep and abdominal endurance and power is way better than a month ago. I approve of this gain. Now if only I could do that with my data entries.

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