>jelly sandwiches and stress


One of my biggest problems is dealing with stress. I often worry constantly about what people think of me and it comes to the point of and anxious worrisome state. I am now worrying and the gloomy weather doesnt help. I really need to tighten my backpack straps and keep moving forward, and stop being a whiny bitch.

We had a blindfolded jelly sandwich eating contest yesterday and it was super nice seeing the kids so happy and excited. I am finding the responsibilities of adulthood to be a huge slam in the face and I sometimes wish I was just back in my childhood again. Of course thats just running away from my problems and not facing responsibility so I need to stop whining and get my shit together.

I have a big whiteboard calendar and a schedule for data entry. I need to stick with it and work at it hard. Im also really tired and the rain outside is just dampening my enthusiasm. Gah.

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