>Sunday chilling


I love this attic setup. I found it in an otaku work space column in Dannychoo.com, not too sure whose it is. I love the attic space, especially the sky light. I am determined that when I have my own home, I will have my own attic work space, complete with AC, cause with my comp screens and the heat in the attic, it will get super warm and super gross inside. I am super excited to have a space like this. I love my current set up right now, but more windows would be really nice. I also love how cozy it is inside.

We went to Good Buddy for dinner and I have to say this dish was really disappointing; the chicken was old, tasteless and was mostly bone. Let me rephrase that- the chicken was gross. No meat, not fresh and too much coconut sauce. Ew. Totally not cool.

Way better. Crispy chicken with garlic and soy sauce. I love this dish always! Super fresh and tasty, I am soooo confused why this dish is so good, and yet the previous dish made me super sad.

Pretty good shrimp. I liked it. Fried, battered and tasty, not to mention super fresh, its really really yummy.

Went to the street performers with the fam, and checked out some acts. This one was pretty good aside from the fact that he built the suspension like crazy and then it was… ok. I definitely think that he has got some crazy skills, but I really wish he would have told the crowd what he was planning to do, because I had no idea what was happening at all until I realized he was going to ride a unicycle and juggle basketballs. I also walked around quenching my thirst with a RockStar- health fail, but at least it was sugar free.

I also shopped for DSLR bags today and that was really nice. I am trying to determine if what I have is good enough for traveling, but I also want something thats not going to make me sweat like mad. So far some pretty good choices out there, but nothing cheap that I want to drop dollars on.

I also just wanted to mention that the camera on the 9700 is perfect for blogging. I love it. Its not a great camera by any means, but for something thats on me, and with my blogger app, its perfect for blogging on the go.

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