Yesterday was super frustrating at work again. So I went out with M to grab some happy food and rant my Friday away. I had a big slush which was fantastic considering that my last one was made of Crystal Lite sugar free crap that tasted horrible. I had my favorite flavors- grape and root beer and it was good.

Dinner was the triple whopper with cheese and the Burger King special 1.99 special fish burger, along with a vanilla milkshake. Yay for cheat Fridays! Havent had one with M in a really long time so that was nice. We hit up the valley after for a great chat and a nice view of the thunderstorm.

Woke up this morning to some unpleasantries and I cant quite say I am a happy camper right now. I need to work out and unleash a little tension. I dont really foresee this day as being a great day.

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