>i smell like sewer


We went to a lake with both centers today and it was kind of nuts. It unprofessional to bitch about work on a blog, so I wont say anything…but GAH! Anyways, spent a lot of down time in the sun, tried to get rid of my farmers tan, and am now fully covered in very fine sand, as well as a layer of residue that smells like shit. Im sure everyone on the bus is wondering what the smell is and why I have to be on, just like my previous post about BO and the tight proximity on the bus. I need a shower bad.

I did remember to cover my shoulders with sun block fully this time to make sure my delts didnt burn. They did from the spray park before hand. I got this Hawaiian something brand from Safeway that smells like I bath in coconut milk every night, and it was on sale (yay!)

I woke up late today after talking to W in the early morning. I had just under an hour, and I am pleased to say I managed to drink coffee, eat breakfast, shower, workout and catch my bus on time. I need to get up earlier though. I love this morning routine stuff.

Next week, I have like no shifts, save for Friday (good timing), so I can focus on data entry and abstract creation. I really love having two part time jobs and having one at home is awesome. I realized how tight the summer is quickly becoming, having booked my flights to and from Toronto last night, and just how much I need to do before summer is done.

OMG THE FREEWAY IS CRAMMED and its sooooo effing warm. Gross.

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