>Rainy Day


I have a super short shift today, just four hours to cover a field trip with the kids. I like that. Afterwards, will be helping M get acquainted with her new digs, and then hopefully the rain will be long gone by then, but the dark overcast skies begs to differ.

I woke up early this morning, talked to W and my mum, had some instant tea to try to wake my body and swore at my dumb Blackberry’s picky charger choices. It refuses to charge from just any USB port, much like the iPad, which requires a stronger charge.

I hit the mini gym in W’s place for a shoulder workout and did the circuit training again. It really felt great, and to top it off, I made it to Mac’s to fill up on coffee with the flavored International Delights cream (bad, I know) before my bus came. I’m still disappointed with my chest, looking at it this morning. Sigh.

I really love how its just one bus to work from W’s place rather than three from mine. Jealous. Not jealous of the dark dreary atmosphere on the bus right now, as it chugs through the morning rain.

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