Today I discovered a wonderful workaround to the Blackberry trackball debris issue. Simply rubbing the phone into a plain white sheet of paper rids it of the debris preventing the mechanical ball mechanism from recognizing movement. It was such an easy fix I could not believe how lame all of my effort to replace my 9000 was. Even still, I love my 9700…..but a little less now.

The next fix involved wiping my 9000 from its official Rogers OS 4.7 and installing the official OS 5 from Bell. OS 5 is what is on my 9700 and its world of differences makes it soooooo much better. I can now say that I have installed OS 5 on it, after much reading from Crackberry.com and now my 9000 works as well as my 9700….so much so that I kind of regret having a phone sooo similar as an upgrade. It certainly felt like an upgrade when I got it, but now I kind of feel that the size differences are not really enough for me to feel its a worthy successor. Oh well! I love white!

I went out with mum today for lunch at High Level Diner and it was fantastic. I had the jamabalaya (ok, nothing special) with cornbread (which made me choose it, and a good choice indeed!) while my mum had quiche (ok) and caesar salad (alright!). What made it nice was the nice outdoor setting we had to eat in, just the patio behind some iron fencing. With the afternoon sun warming the diner, it was a really nice time.

The other day I went out with M for dinner at Good Buddy and we had a really great dinner. It was nice having dinner and chatting abotu everything again. I missed these Friday after work dinners. Of course we had the dinner for two, which gives everything a gwai lo Chinese dinner could ask for- two deep fried meats (Honey garlic chicken and Peking pork chops), some chicken fried rice, spring rolls and soup (my hot and sour soup was quite unsalyy actually). 
I really needed dinner because I had a super WTF JUST HAPPENED at work. It was a quite good day being back with the kids, and I enjoyed the time with them, but I won’t be shedding any tears over not working full time. I am glad I can just drop in when its a fun field trip and I am relieved of any authority or responsibility to take charge. Its nice. And yet…I know that having the experience in work means that I do feel like I should speak up and take charge when nobody else will……gah. 

I am having breakfast with E tm morning at Barn and Ernies, it should be super sweet! I am excited about that. I also love Google Maps for Blackberry, a lot more efficient than the Blackberry Maps app as far as I can see so far. Yay!

I also found my shark tooth from my Florida trip. Admittedly it isn’t as raving cool as it was obtained at Sea World, a huge commercialization of Mother Nature, but I still enjoy the sweet new necklace it has now been tied to. I dig.

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