>Spent this morning at the Ed building with the new counseling core of the SHINE clinic! It was super fun, and everyone already knows each other, all being second year master’s in course/thesis based counseling psych and school psych, with J being the sole exception as the now PhD counseling psych/director of SHINE. It was super cool to see everyone again, and discussing the new techniques and styles we will have to work with, given that we will being seeing out clients for likely single sessions, a far cry from say the 21 sessions I saw one my clients this year for. As well, there is an emphasis that fast counseling styles like solution focused therapy will not be the emphasis here, so we have some new papers from Dr. E to read. I am super pumped to be working with my fellow comrades in this clinic, and as well, am pumped for the networking and interdisciplinary approach. This is especially exciting this year, because it will be the first time that counseling is a core component of SHINE.

I am also pumped to be back in my old haunts again, as its situated in the neighborhood I used to do work with inner city youth and it will be nice to see it again. Also exciting- going to work tm, and I really do need to get out of the house. Badly. I spend way too much time at home these days. Anyways, I am out.

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