So the other day we all went out to Chianti’s to celebrate my 25th and it was an unreal bucket of fun. I met up with S, J, and M at the Chapter’s and we just chilled out while everyone else arrived. J asked me a super awesome question and I was very very excited to answer! Anyways, dinner was really fun, with shenanigans involving an Iron Man helmet, the host of the restaurant wanting to kiss me, then chilling in the bathroom with the host (wtf?!), dinner being upgraded from sports size to a full and a half order (yay!), and walking down Whyte and high fiving strangers super hero style. I have to say, the muff dive wasn’t quite as exciting as made out to be, and Smirnoff Ice light is actually kind of gross, in a diet coke gross way. I also got a sweet time with the maid at Taiwan Bubble Tea (?). I think their bubble tea kind of sucks, it was too sweet for me but whatever. She was cool. I also had a super good time with my buds at J and M’s house, who were kind enough to open their doors when the psycho weather yesterday did not approve of our hanging out on Whyte. The wind kicked in so much dust everywhere, it was nuts. And yet no thunder/lightning or heavy rain.

What else have I done? I dropped off my work forms with my boss at the child care center and she seemed pretty cool, and I am excited to work with no leadership role and a part time commitment. The kids all ran and hugged me and I felt very popular! Haha. I like that job. I wish it paid career level funds, but its aite for what I need. I also met my prof to start my RA work, and I have to say, it is pretty exciting! I like it. My current job is data entry for clinical assessments, which will soon turn into my own data and a thesis abstract by the end of summer (hopefully!). If it all goes well, my prof has lined up a conference in Hawaii in January, which would just be fantastic. I have never been there, and the GSA has been willing to fund these trips in the past. Yay! I also found out that my RA work in the fall would be pre-season psychological assessments of the Edmonton Oilers, which is another super cool perk this year. I’m having a good day.

I met up with the girls the other night to have a psychology potluck down in K’s condo. It was super cool, but I have to say, I dress really really poorly for these things. Everybody was looking great that night and I…I had my super cool 5 dollar t-shirt. Anyways, a good night and nice seeing everyone again. I mentioned “thesis” in the dinner and it was met with general glares and disapproving stares all around. Quite taboo in the summer!

Finally! I landed a decent plan with Rogers retentions through a super sweet lady. Its not amazing like what I have seen from others on redflagdeals.com, but certainly respectable- EVE/WKND start at 5PM, 200 daytime, My5 Nationwide (really need that right now), CD, VM, whocalled (which turns out I actually really like getting texts when I miss a call when I hit no reception, quite useful!), 2500 texts and 500MB of smartphone data (not locked to Blackberry internet server anymore! meaning I can use all phones now! woohoo!). The icing on the cake was that in the middle of the call, the doorbell rang and the UPS man dropped off my sweet sweet white Bold 9700!

Even though I was really debating the switch the the iPhone 4 or the Xperia X10, after I turned on the 9700, I was sold. I love the finish on it, its so pearly white. Even more, I loved how much more fine tuned the OS 5 is, much faster and aesthetically pleasing than the BB OS 4.7 on my Bold 9000. It no longer takes twenty minutes to boot up (scanning all of the memory stick’s music files is soooo slow). Literally, it starts up within minutes, so I no longer worry about powering down. And finally, even though it is a smaller screen, the higher resolution (40 more vertical pixels) and the perfeeeect smaller form factor that just melts to my hand, makes me love it. And the smaller keyboard I was worried about? Not a problem. I love it, and have already adapted to it fine. I love you RIM. I don’t care that the 9800 is coming out soon. I love my Bold 9700 and its pearly finish.

I am really excited to jet on the 29th! I cant wait to see you W.

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