>Love for Rim

>Had a blast with Doris today at the mall, checked out the Apple store and decided that I would be going with a mac afterall, as would Doris. They offer too many incentives for the price you are paying for. Really, although there is a premium in price compared to PCs, the difference is understandable when you look at what a polished piece of work the Mac is. Although today wasn’t necessarily a page turner for me, in terms of what I already knew I wanted in my laptop, it certainly excited me seeing what I could do software wise on the Snow Leopard OS. I am excited. I also realized that I don’t need a new printer or iPod, so those will be finding a new home soon!

I was quite excited after I had time to investigate the Rogers store and try out the new phones that I am in a debacle over. The Blackberry Bold 9700 turned out to be much smaller and better build quality than I anticipated, as well as having a really nice shimmery pearl finish that I quite took a liking to. Although the keyboard is smaller than the Bold 9000, its finish is quite a bit better, and leaves feelings of a top tier device, in comparison to the cheap feeling of the first gen Bold. I don’t really feel bad at all for not being able to wait for OS 6 and the 9800 slider, nicknamed “Torch”.

What I was surprised about was how polarized I was about the Xperia X10. Although my initial feelings were OMG I WILL GET THIS, after spending some time in the store with a working model, I was left with quite a bittersweet feeling. Although I liked the design and monster sized screen, I hated the on-screen keyboards (despite the multiple soft keyboards available to use), as well as hated the rather inaccurate screen touches (I know, capacative is worlds better than resistive, but coming from a cursor on the Blackberry, and my all time favorite browser, Opera Mini, I hated the Xperia experience). I ABSOLUTELY hated the typing experience. It wasn’t like with the 9700 where I was like, ok it will take some time, but I could get used to this. It was more like WTF why does it keep double pressing keys and hitting shit I don’t want it to?!

Needless to say I am confused. I love the hardware on the X10, but I hate the software. Funnily, this always happens with Sony. Great.

I have the white 9700 on my way in the mail, and I have to say, despite having issues of not getting a new experience and phone, its kind of nice to get a better polished package of something I already love. I am looking forward to the new Bold member. I love the pearl white!

I also think I will take the offer retentions gave me on nationwide My5. After seeing how badly I have been shooting my plan over with long distance and daytime minutes usage, I need the nationwide My5. Sweet.

I just can’t wait for my 9700 to arrive!

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