Today marked my 25th, held in a quiet celebration with my fam. It was a nice day today, with good sun, a bit of rain in the morning and a checkout of the local pizzeria, Famoso, which although pricey for my taste of tomato sauce on bread, was quite good. I had the Sicilian which had wonderful tastes especially with the three meats. Although I bought it for the meats, the fresh tomatoes really made it amazing. My sister had something with smoked salmon which was alright. I liked mine more.

My blackberry bold 9000 finally bit the dust today, with no amount of cleaning alcohol capable of clearing its trackball of debris, rendering it impossible to scroll down. RIM was quite fond of the trackball and it was a key characteristic of its Blackberry line, but the fact that it became grimey and inoperable made it switch to a much better optical track pad. Which meant a phone call to Rogers’ retentions department, and an early hardware upgrade to a white Blackberry Bold 9700. I am still debating if I made the right choice about this one, as it doesnt really improve much on the 9000 series, other than a smaller form factor, a slightly better camera (and I mean slightly, over the 9000’s shit snapper), and having an optical trackpad. I love its looks, but given that hardware upgrades come few and far in between, I would have liked to upgrade to something better. But in my haste, I needed something that could handle data, and my current roster of 2G nokias just made me miss on the fly email and internet. It was either upgrade to the 9700 or the Xperia X10, and the rather unimpressive lineup of reviews of the X10 made me think a little bit about the Android powerhouse. There is some good word on it, but I know one thing, and that is that I love my Bold 9000 and if the 9700 just makes it a wee bit better, than why fix something that isn’t broken (unless it actually is, like this morning).

Rogers says 3-5 business days, so hopefully I will get my hands on it soon and be satisfied with my slight change in handset use. Given how much I use the darn thing, and how much I liked my Bold, I don’t think this should be much different. I just kind of wanted change, and the fact that my all time favorite phone, the Blackberry 9800 is rumored to hit Rogers soon, doesnt help. I just cant really wait with a piece of shit Nokia. Just one day with my old nokia E62, as trusty as it is, makes me frustrated.

So now I sit and wonder if I made the right decision, upgrading to something that isn’t that much of a successor so much as it is a slight evolution. As well, they offered me an offer to add My5 nationwide, which works wonders considering that I have an insane bill from long distance and day time calls to W. I think I will end up taking it, but it would be nice to know that I at least tried to haggle a little bit. I didn’t really put up much of a fight today with Rogers. I just didn’t feel like it. And for once, the customer relations lady was wonderful and really helpful.

I also really like how I am freaking out about my phone so much. I will be heading out with Doris tm, to help her nab her new computer. Maybe tm I will grab mine with her as well. I am not doing as much work outside my house as I had anticipated, as I have managed to create a wonderful setup with my desktop rig that is just wonderful to use for my research, so we will see.

I had a Rockstar roasted today and it was AWESOME. I had a great workout after. And then a long SKype session and phone call with W just really made my day. I am excited. I will be seeing Toronto soon, come August!

Finally, I had a good dinner with the folks, takeout from Buddy Wonton, followed by a nice cake (despite not being ice cream as requested! hehe). I am off.

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